Monday, July 20, 2009


Got my dress today and I LOVE it! nuff said...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wedding date drama

Just a little FYI... For those of you who are wondering when this wedding will take place. Well, get in line cause I wonder that everyday! ha ha ha..
Here's the deal, without going into to much detail, Chad was previously married in the temple and so now has to get permission from the general authority in order to get Re-married in the temple. But before all that can happen His ex-wife has to answer a few questions and then send it in to Chads bishop for the stake president and all to see. She has decided to take her sweet little time (na.. Im not bitter! lol) So once we get that letter from her and then all the paper work gets sent to the general authority. Chads bishop is pretty sure that we will be able to make our September date. I'm trying to have faith but I am seriously starting to doubt it. I was informed by all the men in both my family and Chads that we can not get married around the deer hunt. (you might be a redneck if you have to schedule your wedding around the Hunt!) So I am hoping for September 19th at best the 26th. If it doesn't happen then, we may have to post pone it until November or even December! We'll see.. I am hoping for the best here. So I am very very sorry I can't give you more of a notice. So I will totally understand if there are some of you that cant make it.
Mom and I are trying to get everything ready anyway. My dress will be here tomorrow and we have already decided on invites. Mom and I are going to make those. Alysia will be taking our pictures and we are just moving forward with the planning weather or not we have a date. So if you could all get me your addresses that would help me out a ton!! You can send me your address to my email at
Anyway, I will let you all know when I know when this will all be taking place. I love you and thank you for your patience, cause Im running out. lol...

P.S. Just so you know I love Chad very much and will wait as long as I have to to marry him for eternity.