Sunday, June 7, 2009

Im engaged!!!!!

Well it's official! I am engaged to Chad Bigler. Thats right all, my new name is going to be Bobbie Jean Bigler. Or to most everyone else.. BJ Bigler.. lol He asked me Saturday night June 6th 2009. Well I didnt get off work til 12am so I guess it was really sunday.. he said he needed to get to the store to get something. So I went with him. He was in Moab just visiting. Then on the way back from the store he drove up to my thinking spot instead of going home. My spot over looks moab, its a beautiful spot. It is also the first spot i took him to in Moab when we just started dating. He did it so late at night cause we first met at around 12:30 am at a 7-11 in Vernal. So it all kind of had a reason. When we got there he had the most beautiful roses and some sparkling cyder. He started saying some sweet things then got on his knee and popped the question. I giggled and cried and then of course said yes. It was the sweetest cutest thing. I couldnt be more happy. He is the sweetest guy ever. I am such a lucky girl. We are thinking we'd like to get married Either September 13th or 19th. We are thinking it will be in the Monticello temple with a reception in Moab. We will live in Vernal Utah. Which I hope to be moving there in the next few weeks. So thats my news.. this is the ring I got for Chad its a tungston. Its pretty cool looking..

This is obviously my ring. Which I love!!!! Im so proud of it. cant you tell.. lol

Thursday, June 4, 2009

random post of Chad and I..

So Chad and I where talking about how un photo genic we where when His mom over heard us and decided to take a few pictures of us.. So here are some of the results. Yea we are dorks and some of these are eewy geewy... but i thought Id share some with you anyway.. trust me, I spared you of the really eeeewy.... Geewy ones. So be glad of that. lol..