Saturday, September 12, 2009

Here is a little preview of my bridal shower. Also a few pictures of me in my dress. Of course I cant show you the whole dress just yet but this is just a little sneak preview..
this is Bonnie Palmer's newest addition. isnt he just so cute! It was so fun to get to hold him at the shower

This is Meghan's new little doll. She is the sweetest thing.

Amy Short got to come all the way from Flagstaff Az. Which was so fun to see her and her cute little pregnant self.

this is just one of the cute gifts I got.. Trust me I got a lot of them!

Merideth, Mom, Monie, Tyrissa, and Kambree

I had a great time thanks to Alysia I would say that weekend was a HUGE success!! Thank you to everyone for coming and giving me such great things. I love them all!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just Kidding

So we can Not get married on the 26th after all.. I am so sorry for all of you who have booked that day off. We are actually going to get married on the 25th. We think... we are just making sure that will be ok with all the family. I went to book a place to get married and nothing and I mean nothing is available on the 26th. No park no building.. nothing. So I made sure before i told you all but it looks like the 4th north church will be open on the 25th so thats the day it will be as long as chads family can come and mine too. But im very very sorry for all this confussion and wishy washy mess. I hope you can all still come! But just plan on the 25th of september which is a friday. Thanks for your patience...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

and the wedding date is....

So a lot has happened in the last little while.. Chad and I have decided to set a date and just move forward. If the temple wedding happens then we will be thrilled. Otherwise it will have to wait a year. I will be going through in st george the weekend of my bridal shower for anyone interested in that. The date of the wedding is going to be September 26th! It is on a Saturday. We will have a reception in Moab. That is for sure. Anything else about that day is unsure. I just wanted you all to keep that day empty so you can come to my reception. If you will be needing a motel room for that event let me know. I have some set aside. Thank you all for your support and Love and hope you can make it.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Got my dress today and I LOVE it! nuff said...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wedding date drama

Just a little FYI... For those of you who are wondering when this wedding will take place. Well, get in line cause I wonder that everyday! ha ha ha..
Here's the deal, without going into to much detail, Chad was previously married in the temple and so now has to get permission from the general authority in order to get Re-married in the temple. But before all that can happen His ex-wife has to answer a few questions and then send it in to Chads bishop for the stake president and all to see. She has decided to take her sweet little time (na.. Im not bitter! lol) So once we get that letter from her and then all the paper work gets sent to the general authority. Chads bishop is pretty sure that we will be able to make our September date. I'm trying to have faith but I am seriously starting to doubt it. I was informed by all the men in both my family and Chads that we can not get married around the deer hunt. (you might be a redneck if you have to schedule your wedding around the Hunt!) So I am hoping for September 19th at best the 26th. If it doesn't happen then, we may have to post pone it until November or even December! We'll see.. I am hoping for the best here. So I am very very sorry I can't give you more of a notice. So I will totally understand if there are some of you that cant make it.
Mom and I are trying to get everything ready anyway. My dress will be here tomorrow and we have already decided on invites. Mom and I are going to make those. Alysia will be taking our pictures and we are just moving forward with the planning weather or not we have a date. So if you could all get me your addresses that would help me out a ton!! You can send me your address to my email at
Anyway, I will let you all know when I know when this will all be taking place. I love you and thank you for your patience, cause Im running out. lol...

P.S. Just so you know I love Chad very much and will wait as long as I have to to marry him for eternity.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Im engaged!!!!!

Well it's official! I am engaged to Chad Bigler. Thats right all, my new name is going to be Bobbie Jean Bigler. Or to most everyone else.. BJ Bigler.. lol He asked me Saturday night June 6th 2009. Well I didnt get off work til 12am so I guess it was really sunday.. he said he needed to get to the store to get something. So I went with him. He was in Moab just visiting. Then on the way back from the store he drove up to my thinking spot instead of going home. My spot over looks moab, its a beautiful spot. It is also the first spot i took him to in Moab when we just started dating. He did it so late at night cause we first met at around 12:30 am at a 7-11 in Vernal. So it all kind of had a reason. When we got there he had the most beautiful roses and some sparkling cyder. He started saying some sweet things then got on his knee and popped the question. I giggled and cried and then of course said yes. It was the sweetest cutest thing. I couldnt be more happy. He is the sweetest guy ever. I am such a lucky girl. We are thinking we'd like to get married Either September 13th or 19th. We are thinking it will be in the Monticello temple with a reception in Moab. We will live in Vernal Utah. Which I hope to be moving there in the next few weeks. So thats my news.. this is the ring I got for Chad its a tungston. Its pretty cool looking..

This is obviously my ring. Which I love!!!! Im so proud of it. cant you tell.. lol

Thursday, June 4, 2009

random post of Chad and I..

So Chad and I where talking about how un photo genic we where when His mom over heard us and decided to take a few pictures of us.. So here are some of the results. Yea we are dorks and some of these are eewy geewy... but i thought Id share some with you anyway.. trust me, I spared you of the really eeeewy.... Geewy ones. So be glad of that. lol..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial weekend with the Walker Fam

Over Memorial Weekend I went up near Browns park near Vernal. It is Chad's grandfather Walkers land. I got to hang out with A lot of Chads family! They are all so nice and A lot of fun. We had a great time. Even though it rained everyday. nearly all day. I also got real sick and mostly slept one whole day.. But I had a great time! Im glad I got to go.. Above here is Uncle Mike and a member of there Adopted family. There watching Uncle Greg use his tractor to put out a fire..

Abover here is Aunt Mary Doing what we all did so well this weekend.. The other one here is the beautiful stream and the nice log bridge...
The ones below... The blue tractor and the crazy man on it is uncle Greg getting water from the stream to put out the fire.. the other.. well.. just a nice picture.

Here is how camping should be. Camp trailers and four wheelers! lol The one on the left is Chads trailer the one on the right is his Dad's.. Oh but dont worry. everyone had there own trailer. and the further you go around the circle of trailers the nicer they got! And I mean NICE!

On one of the days we all went to Jones hole which is a fish hatchiery. It was cool to see the process. You get to see them real small to bigger and bigger.. Then on a different day Chad and I went for a drive and played in the mud. And yes it was raining...
Fun weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It sure has been a very long times sense I have updated this blog. I guess it's high time I do it. Winter is on it's way out of this state and I couldnt be more happy..
I have a lot to update you on. I moved back to Moab in February. I got a job working at the front desk of Holiday Inn Express. I have started taking my classes online and so far im doing good with that. About the time I moved to Moab I met Chad Bigler. We are still dating and things are going really well. I am so very happy with him and think there might be alot more of him in my future. I decided I would just give you a quick update and then attach some photos.... So I will try to explain the photos now....
This is me and Chad on our way to go four wheeling
This is Chadwhick Don Bigler
We all know what this is. I put this on here to let you know where I am living these days.

This is my cute little niece Sierra. She got to spend about two weeks here in Moab with us. Shasta came for just a few days. It was nice to have them around. I took this picture of our little artest..

That is all the pictures for now I hope I will do better at keeping up on this...