Monday, March 17, 2008

Big Loser...

So this past weekend I joined a Biggest Loser contest for 6 weeks... My friend Alysia talked me into doing it.. Which I have to say might just be the motivation I need to get some weight off.
I am a little uneasy about how it's all going to go. However I am still very excited and totally commeted. This week anyway.. So wish me luck. I will try to keep you up dated on my progress. So for the next six weeks no tempting me... I need all the support I can get. I want to lose the most out of everyone in my group on a weekly bases.. GOOOO... ME!!


Jason & Tawni said...

Hey you!
Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog with your blog address, I checked it out and I love it! I don't believe that blogs are just for families and I am so glad that you have one! I added your link to our page so that we can stay in touch (other than when I call and talk your ear off at work of course!)

The Jensen Bunch said...

Hey BJ,
This is Heidi Jensen-used to be Rasmussen. Yea I found your blog! Good luck in losing weight! You can totally do it! I lost 15 pounds before I had Louis-you will have to check out my blog-our little guy is so cute! Anyway I just watched my portions and exercised 3 x a week and the weight came off. Anyway let me know how it goes!

Kurt, Jasmine, Daxton, and Jade said...

Hi BJ,
It's Jasmine (Holyoak) Webb. How are you. Your blog is great, Kurt is the one in charge of ours so I don't know much of what goes on with them. I hope all is well, good luck with the biggest loser.

Thomas Family said...

Go BEEE! You kicked my butt in spin class last night. I'm sure you'll beat me on the scale too. Thanks for keeping me on track. Love you!