Thursday, August 7, 2008

MOVING TO LOGAN (bye St George)

It has been awhile sense I have written a new post. I guess it's been a bit of a busy summer. A lot has happened. However I have very little time to write even now. I am moving tomorrow to Logan Utah. I am sad and excited all at once. I am sad to be leaving all my amazing friends here. Also all my co-workers. I know that may sound silly but I will miss the place I used to work. Well today is my last day. I think I have gotten teary eyed once or twice already today. I am truly going to miss everyone. I am just excited to see how my life will change. So I'm sad, nervious and excited all at once.. I will be posting some pictures of my new place very soon so keep an eye out for those pictures.


casey & sahra said...

Hey I thought we were friends??? THanks for calling and saying goodbye!! Either way I wish you only the best in your new adventure and don't be a stranger!!


Melanie said...

How exciting! I always love moving on even though it's sad saying goodbye. I can't wait to see the posts of your new life!

Thomas Family said...

St. George sucks without you B. Loves-Alysia