Saturday, November 15, 2008

Girl Reunion

Me & my married friends..
(picture on the top right, from right to left)
Bonnie Palmer, Alysia Thomas,

Bobbie Jean Shupe and Tami Ginocchio.
It was so fun thanks for doing this.
lets keep it up! Love you gals..

We had our girl reunion October 21st. There were so many girls that didn't get to come.. Im sorry you missed out.. Cause we sure missed you! Cassie, Amy, Jessie, Amber, Amiee, Just to name a few. Well just a heads up. We are planning a 4-wheeler camping trip in Moab this spring. I am going to make sure it happens! So girls keep that in Mind and try to plan on it we want you there...
In October we got to go out to a ranch that Bonnie and Benton run. It is always so great. Not to mention They are so great to let us do it there. Benton is so good, he lets us sleep in till, well lets just say late. But then again we didn't get to sleep until, was it 4am? Anyway.. we wake up to Benton making us food... Bonnie got herself a good man! After we got our Brunch done we went horse back riding over the most amazing trail. The one scenic picture is the view we had on our trail ride. Alysia, im sure, remembers all the horses names.. Not me sorry.. After we get back and unload from our horses and Bonnie losing her shirt on the sattle horn. ha ha.. we head back to go shoot some guns. Again Benton was nice enough to regulate that situation.. ha ha. Aren't we a group of cow girls.. ha ha.. We had such an amazing time. Thanks again Palmers.. I hope we can keep this tradition going.


Tami & James said...

I love the new look of your blog. We had a great time that weekend. Thanks so much for inviting me to come along. Hope you are staying warm in Logan. Love ya girl!

Thomas Family said...

Cute! It looks fabulous B! I love it. I'm so ready for camping in Moab. It'll be awesome. Love you-

Camille said...

Looks like you guys had fun. Doing such wild gril pedicures and shopping trips for you huh? Anyways glad you had fun...girls time is always a blast!

Melanie said...

I love the new background! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Lafe & Bea Wiltbank said...

Hey Beege, how are you? Man, I hardly ever get on here. So you are up in Logan now? that is cool, my aunt just married some guy from there and is moving up there. what are you doing for work and what not? take care!

Kirk and Mandii Olsen said...

Oh I'm jealous, that looks like so much fun!! I'm going to Moab for a volleyball tourney with Moey but that's as close to "girl time" as we get, I love that you guys make it a priority!! Hey can I get your email address? Congrats on the move your place is darling! We should get together for lunch sometime when you're passing through!!
Mandii (Hodges)