Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial weekend with the Walker Fam

Over Memorial Weekend I went up near Browns park near Vernal. It is Chad's grandfather Walkers land. I got to hang out with A lot of Chads family! They are all so nice and A lot of fun. We had a great time. Even though it rained everyday. nearly all day. I also got real sick and mostly slept one whole day.. But I had a great time! Im glad I got to go.. Above here is Uncle Mike and a member of there Adopted family. There watching Uncle Greg use his tractor to put out a fire..

Abover here is Aunt Mary Doing what we all did so well this weekend.. The other one here is the beautiful stream and the nice log bridge...
The ones below... The blue tractor and the crazy man on it is uncle Greg getting water from the stream to put out the fire.. the other.. well.. just a nice picture.

Here is how camping should be. Camp trailers and four wheelers! lol The one on the left is Chads trailer the one on the right is his Dad's.. Oh but dont worry. everyone had there own trailer. and the further you go around the circle of trailers the nicer they got! And I mean NICE!

On one of the days we all went to Jones hole which is a fish hatchiery. It was cool to see the process. You get to see them real small to bigger and bigger.. Then on a different day Chad and I went for a drive and played in the mud. And yes it was raining...
Fun weekend!

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Monica said...

If you can survive a weekend with my crazy family and not end up in a looney bin, you are one special gal! :)